A Little About Me

My name is Anne Gannon Piercy. I have been writing stories since I learned to put pen to paper. I am passionate about my writing. I believe it liberates my feelings and emotions, transforming words on paper to a wonderful world of dream and fantasies for readers. My  entire family have given me the inspiration to continue through the years, including my 3 children as they grew from babies to adults. I have many goals and one of them, to see my name in print. I know this is my first time & it is special but this will definitely not be my last.

My first book is called The Adventures of Asha Pike. It follows the story of a very special fairy who on her 13th birthday did not grow her wings like the other fairies. Leaving her sister and father behind she must set off on a mission arranged by Queen Amera. She must find the hearing shell in the ocean and bring it back to the Queen before she receives her wings. On the way she encounters two other fairies who will assist her or will they? They meet up with the strangest of characters and creatures on their journey. Will they complete their mission in time or will it all end in disaster for Asha?

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Anne Piercy